CiADR arbitral process is a world-recognized much-simplified efficient case management service that has the unique potentiality to resolve disputes quickly in a cost-effective manner.


CiADR Mediation process offers quick and cost-effective dispute resolution services tailored to the evolving needs of the parties through neutral, independent, experienced Mediators.


CiADR Adjudication process is to reach fair, rapid and cost-effective decisions on disputes arising under construction contracts, labour disputes etc.


CiADR facilitates the parties a formal meeting to reach mutual agreement and also collaborated with clients to develop and evolve the world’s most comprehensive negotiation framework.

Drafting Contracts

CiADR also assists the business community to prepare a well-drafted contract that clearly identifies the rights and duties of the parties, allocates and limits unnecessary risk, and also Dispute Resolution Clause.

Accredited ADR Training

The vision of the CiADR is to facilitate the best professional training on all branches of ADR with international accreditation for the learners.

Online Dispute Resolution.

100% online legal disputes managed by our expert panel or DIY with CiADR Dealmaker.

Who We Are

CiADR is a Global Centre of calibres for the profession and practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It is the First and Only Online Dispute Resolution-ODR Institute in South Asia provides very natural, reliable and cost-efficient dispute resolution services since 2018…..

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